At F&L Construction, steel buildings are one of our specialties. No matter what your needs, be it onsite storage or a full commercial steel building, we can help. 

F&L Construction, Inc. is a Behlen™ steel building provider. We work with you to determine your needs, so that we can recommend the most appropriate steel building. For example, frame buildings are usually best for strip malls, rural farms for farms, and eagle spans for aircraft hangars. As the cost of wood frames approach the cost of steel ones, steel buildings are becoming a better solution, especially since they stand up to Mother Nature better. Steel is a great solution for basketball courts, as there are no trusses involved. The quality of steel on the outside is higher, so it does not fade, which makes it a good residential solution for sheds or mini sports complexes.

Contact us today to learn more about this construction option that may be more affordable than you think–with all the durability and style you’ve come to expect. You can always trust us to bring you the very best contracting services in and around Wamego and Centralina, Kansas.

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