Known for Quality and Integrity Since 1978

In 1978 Frank and Linda Engelken started their business in Centralia, Kansas, with a simple goal in mind- to put food on the table for their growing family. Now, decades later, they’ve been providing quality general contracting services in the 60-70 mile radius. They’ve come a long way since mapping out their first projects at the kitchen table. Frank and Linda (the F&L in F&L Construction) started by working side by side on small home repair projects, concrete work, and then moving into bigger projects like steel buildings, silos, grain bins, and more.

Over the years, Frank and Linda added to their crew- employees, but also dependents. They had eight kids- Holly, Ivy, Gina, Joshua, Elizabeth, Leah, Kara, and Bonnie. The kids were no strangers to work either, all often helping out on job sites from age 5. At some point, they even got paid!

Going into its 40th year of business, F&L Construction has not only expanded geographically, but have also expanded the services they’re able to offer their clients including large steel buildings, commercial structures, etc. Management has changed, too. F&L, Frank and Linda that is, are still involved, but their son Joshua has been happy to help take over the reins over the last few years.

Joshua Engelken graduated from K-State with a degree in Management Information Systems, moved to Bloomington, IL to work at the State Farm headquarters as a Systems Analyst. He and his wife, Tiffany, moved back to the Manhattan area where she is a nurse practitioner. Joshua and Tiffany have three kids- Alexis, Aubrey, and Ryker.

Josh’s vision for the future of F&L is to grow it to a point that if his kids or his sisters want to join the company the opportunity will be there. 

The Engelken family values integrity and trust above all else, so it’s no surprise that it’s those values that their company have been known for since 1978.  

Family Tradition

Some of Frank and Linda’s kids’ best memories include helping their parents in the family business.

“It’s more than a job for us. We are working for our friends and neighbors. Everything we do is done to a standard of quality and excellence. We do things the way we would want them in our own buildings.”

Want to be part of the family?

At F&L Construction, Inc., we strive to build strong relationships with our customers and employees based on mutual trust and flexibility. We believe in treating every one of our employees like family, so we offer health care coverage, 401k plans, and paid vacations.

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Professionally-engineered frame systems

Behlen has maintained ISO 9001 Certification through a continual audit process since 1972 and is the first metal building manufacturer in the U.S. to achieve International Accreditation Service (IAS) AC472 Accreditation. AC472 Accreditation provides assurance a metal building manufacturer and its staff have a world class quality system in place and have been thoroughly scrutinized by independent non-biased and objective third party auditors.